Animal Licensing Officer

Melinda Taylor

Call 856-769-3481   Ned Shimp, Animal Control Officer



Ron’s Animal Shelter (856) 691-4333



A Dog License must be purchased each January; all dog licenses expire on December 31st of each year and are renewable by March 15th of each year. Licenses may be obtained Monday through Friday. To obtain licenses, rabies certificate must be good through October 31st of current year.  Failure to comply with Township Code 50-1 will result in a summons being issued.  The owner of any newly acquired dog of licensing age (6 months) must apply for and procure a license within ten days after acquisition or age attainment.

Bring proof of current rabies vaccination.



Neutered/Spayed -$17
Non-neutered/spayed -$20
After March 15th all tags will incur a $10.00 late fee.


Animal Licensing Officer
P O Box 416
Pedricktown, NJ 08067
(include a self addressed, stamped envelope and check payable to “Oldmans Township”

Census will start May 15th. Anyone without a license will incur a $50 fine with license fees.


Strays – Strays are picked up by the Animal Control Officer and taken to the animal shelter, a veterinarian (if injured), or disposed of if they have died.

Missing Animals – Animal Control is committed to returning dogs and cats to their owners.  Animals picked up that do not have license tags identifying them, or those with missing collars, are taken to the shelter. Any dog or cat found should be reported to the Township so we can attempt to return the animal to its owner.

Leaving food and water out for animals can attract unwanted wildlife and insects.  If a cat or dog is being fed, it’s presumed to be owned by whomever is feeding it after a period of fifteen days.

Oldmans Township - 40 Freed Road - PO Box 416 - Pedricktown, NJ 08067

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