Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds,

Streets & Roads, Leaf & Chipping Service, Recycling Coordinator

James Nipe 299-0780

Mike Ware, Assistant


Leaf Collection:  March/April and October/November

  • Please keep leaves at least ten feet away from storm drains
  • Place leaves at the curb in a neat row
  • Do not mix brush, branches, or seed pods with leaves
  • Leaves mixed with brush or trash will NOT be collected
  • Leaves may be bagged
  • NO grass clippings – picked up by trash hauler

Chipping: May through September

(At least once per month, weather permitting)

Call Public Works first, (856) 299-0780 to be placed on the chipping list

It is advisable to contact the Public Works Dept. to ensure that the equipment will be available

or to answer any questions you have in regards to your chipping

Mandatory Rules:

  • No logs over 5″ in diameter will be chipped
  • No more than 4 cubic yards will be chipped at one time
  • (4 cubic yards is roughly a pile that is 8′ wide/3′ high and the length of the branch)
  • Branches must be stacked curbside with all cut ends facing the street
  • No leaves, vines, mulch, trash or dirt may be mixed in the pile
  • Twigs under 3′ in length should be bundled or placed in a container for ease of handling
  • We DO NOT chip brush and limbs when residents have cleared their lots or cut down trees.  You must make arrangements with a tree service to dispose of he limbs or use a truck to take them to the landfill.
  • Contractors removing or trimming trees are responsible for disposal of all debris.
  • Root balls cannot be chipped
  • If your chipping pile does not comply with any of the above restrictions, it will be marked with an orange sticker explaining what is wrong.
  • Chipping is provided by and at the discretion of the Public Works Department and was developed as a courtesy for residents to assist with yard clean-up, especially after storms.  The Township reserves the right to discontinue chipping services at any time
  • NO EXCEPTIONS:  If brush pile does not conform to these standards, it will not be picked up.  This service is to help residents, not hinder employees.  Please work with us to make this a safe and successful program.

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