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Residential Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

A Certificate of Occupancy is required whenever a change of ownership or residents takes place.  In order to be eligible for a Certificate of Occupancy, a dwelling unit must comply with all Township Ordinances, as well as the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code.  The building must be inspected by the Housing Officer prior to issuing a CO.  Please call  299-078 to make an appointment for an inspection.  The cost for the first CO inspection is $50.00.  If a second inspection is required, there is no additional cost.  For a third inspection, there is an additional $50.00 inspection fee.

Business Certificate of Occupancy (BCO)

All commercial occupancies require approval to operate.  This approval is granted, after Zoning Officer approval, and after a fee has been paid ($35.00) and all inspections have been satisfied.  A Certificate of Continuing Occupancy (CCO) is also required for every non-residential property whenever a change in occupancy occurs; which involves re-inspections of all areas of life safety.  Construction permits must be obtained for all proposed modifications.

Landlord Registration Form

If you own rental property in Oldmans Township, New Jersey State law requires landlords who rent houses, apartments or buildings to register certain information with the Municipal Clerk where the building is located.  The landlord must display the required information at the property in a place where tenants can see it and the landlord must give this information in writing to each tenant.  The Landlord Identity Registration Form protects both the landlord and the tenant.  The completed form should be given to the Municipal Clerk.

Landlord Registration Form


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