Housing Officer

Hubert Layton

Deputy Housing Officer

Melinda Taylor


CO Inspections:  Scheduled When Needed

Residential Certificate of Occupancy ApplicationHousing Application PDF Download


Residential Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

Before an owner/tenant can occupy or change the title of a house or apartment, it must meet certain requirements.  The Housing Official must inspect prior to occupancy.  Inspections are conducted on Wednesdays, the cost of which is $50.00.  If a second inspection is warranted there is no cost, but if there is a third inspection, there is a cost of an additional $50.00.

Business Certificate of Occupancy (BCO)

All commercial occupancies require approval to operate.  This approval is granted, after Zoning Officer approval, and after a fee has been paid ($35.00) and all inspections have been satisfied.  A Certificate of Continuing Occupancy (CCO) is also required for every non-residential property whenever a change in occupancy occurs; which involves re-inspections of all areas of life safety.  Construction permits must be obtained for all proposed modifications.


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